Collection of Information
In order to make our website more user-friendly, we collect information on the number of visitors to our website. We do not identify you personally and we do not record information about individuals and their visit. We will store the following information when you browse our website or when you download information: Time and date of your visit and the pages you visited Your internet domain and IP address where you accessed our site. The operating system used by you to access our site. Search terms used by your search engine to find our site. The type of browser was used to access our website
Your Personal Information
When you submit your personal information to us in order to place an order through our website or by email, we will not in any way sell, disclose, publish or release this information to any third parties. This information only will be used to process your order and to communicate with you through our company.
What are my rights?
If you wish to modify your personal information data with our company or to be removed from our mailing or email list, please contact us and we will comply with your request as soon as possible.
Privacy Policy Changes
Updates on our privacy policy might be necessary in the future due to fast paste of change in technology at which time it will be updated.